Famous Blues Guitarists … Part 2 Favorite picks from 1990 to Current

In famous blues guitarists part 2 I am going to list my favorite guitarists from 1990 to current, Even though there are more guitarists that came out and produced albums during these years I am going to list ones that I listen to and recommend you to give a listen to as you may like them as well. If you missed part 1 1960s-1980s click here.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

I remember back in 1995 hearing about how great of blues guitar player this kid Kenny Wayne Shepherd was. Me at that time, had just started really getting in to blues style music and listening to a bunch of Stevie Ray Vaughan as I was mainly listening to heavier music from 1984 up to this point.

I can hear a Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix influence in his playing. I bought Kenny Wayne Shepherd album ” Ledbetter Heights ” shortly after it came out and liked the album instantly. Almost every single song on this album is good so I can’t recommend just a song or two, you have to check out the whole album.

Of course, when his 2nd album ” Trouble is ” came out, I had to go buy that album right a way as well. This album has many good songs on it as well, you may have heard his biggest hit ” Blue on Black ” from this album that received a lot of radio air play. I recommend listening to this whole album.

Jonny Lang

It didn’t seem like to long after hearing about Kenny Wayne Shepherd that there was all this rave about this new kid on the scene named Jonny Lang that not only was a great blues guitar player but also a great blues singer. So again, off I was to buy his album to hear for myself. (wish we had you tube back then, it would have saved me some money even though most of the 1200 cassettes in my collection I obtained from pawn shops for $1 a piece).

Lie to me was the album of his that had just been released when I went out to search for his music. This album has a bunch of good songs on it. The title track ” Lie to me ” got some radio play and is one my favorite songs of his. Another song from this album that I like is ” rack ’em up ” being I used to play a lot of pool in the early to mid 90s.

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa a rock / blues guitar great, started producing his solo albums right as I went on my 10 year hiatus of playing guitar, rocking and rolling so I didn’t hear of him nor his music until (if I remember correctly) about 2007 or 2008 as I was in the local music store and heard his playing over the intercom and when I asked who it was, I first heard his name, Joe Bonamassa.

His ” Sloe Gin ” album is a pretty good album, though I prefer his harder rocking songs that are found on his album ” the Ballad of John Henry “. The title track Ballad of John Henry has gotten a lot of radio play and happens to be my favorite song by him but there are other good songs on this album such as ” story of a quarryman”. There is some good guitar work on this album.

Samantha Fish

I just stumbled across this Awesome woman playing and singing blues on you tube last year or the year before (years fly by quick so I am not for sure how long I’ve been listening to her). Samantha play a lot of slide guitar and a few cigar box guitars and oil can guitars.

Samantha looks good and sounds good on stage as she plays her guitars. The songs I like most that she does are:

  • Stay all night … a rocking blues song that starts off with a great hook which is the main theme throughout most of the song utilizing slides and bends to make this nice riff. Along with her voice it sets up a nice mood.
  • Shake ’em on down … this song is one of the songs that she plays using a slide with an oil can guitar. Another song that has a nice little hook during the vocal line
  • Sucker Born another one of her more rocking songs where she is using a slide on a cigar box guitar.

If you have not heard Samantha Fish yet, check out the songs I listed above and explore the other songs of hers.

Eric Gales

Eric Gales was a new name to me when the singer from the band I was in from 1998-2000 mentioned him. Eventhough his first album was produced in the 90s, I prefer the harder rock style of his 2000s albums. The two that I like best being ” Good for Sumthin ” and ” The story of my life.

I know there had to have been other blues artists that I haven’t heard of nor mention that have come out in the 1990s and 2000 so if you have blues guitarists to recommend for me to check out let me know and maybe I will add them to this list or if there is enough for a whole article will write a part 3.






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