List of Christian Rock Bands …. Can the words Christian and Rock be used together ?

Some people think that if music is rock it cannot be Christian and if someone is Christian, they can’t or shouldn’t play rock. I have noticed throughout the years also that a lot of people that are not Christian nor don’t believe in God are put off by Christian music even if it is good. At the same time I find that some Christians are put off by rock music even if it is Christian rock and are completely against secular music. Here I have compiled a list of Christian rock bands and Christian metal bands. I am sure almost everyone whether they listen to Christian rock or not can name at least one band on this list.

Christian Rock before it became big in the 80s

Even though it wasn’t until the 1980s that Christian rock became popular, it was around in the 60s and 70s. I am sure most people reading this have heard the song ” he’s got the whole world in his hands “, there is a band called the crusaders that have a rock style version of the song. Even the ” King ” Elvis Presley put a gospel album out called ” He touched me”.

60s & 70s Christian Rock Band Best or Recommended Listening

  • Bruce Cochran his 70s n 1/2 80s albums are acoustic, I prefer his 1990 & 2000s works
  • Bryn Haworth All I want (song)
  • Crusaders Make a joyful noise with drums & guitars (album)
  • Elvis Presley He touched me (album)
  • Larry Norman I am the six 0’clock news (song)
  • Mind Garage A total electric happening (album)
  • Mylon Lefevre Mylon (we believe) (album)
  • Petra Back slidin’ blues (song) Back to rock (album)
  • Phil Keaggy I don’t care much for the earlier stuff, I like Blue (album) 1994
  • Randy Stonehill All right now (song)
  • Resurrection band Music to raise the dead (album)
  • Van Morrison Moon Dance (album)

The bands in bold print are harder rocking bands, as those who know me know I am a rocker but since I am a musician I am open-minded towards most all music and genres as there is stuff to be learned musically from every genre.


1980s was the year that really popularized Christian rock and metal with bands like Stryper coming out with the glam and glitz outfits, audio adrenaline, and white cross (my personal favorite from that era).

  • Amy Grant Simple things (song)
  • Bride Show no mercy (debut album)
  • Audio Adrenaline Secret (song) 1991
  • DC Talk Greatest Hits (album)
  • King’s x Dogman (album)
  • Newsboys I prefer their newer stuff like ” In Wonder ” (song)
  • Steven Curtis Chapman Greatest Hits (album)
  • Stryper to Hell with the devil (album)
  • U2 Joshua tree (album)
  • Whitecross Hammer & Nail (album)

even though a couple of these artists originated in the 1980s I find their 90s or 2000s songs better in my opinion and I think some of them such as Newsboys and Steven Curtis Chapman became more popular in the 2000s


There was a handful of Christian rock bands that came out in the 1990s. Here are ones I have listened to or heard of and even though they came out in the 1990s, the songs or albums I am recommending may be songs that came out in the 2000s since I am listing what I feel is their best music.

  • Casting Crowns East to West (song) If we are the body (song)
  • Chris Tomlin Nobody loves me like you (song)
  • David Crowder Band Everything Glorious (song)
  • Family Force 5 Business up front / party in the back (album)
  • Jars of Clay Liquid (song)
  • Lincoln Brewster God You Reign (song)
  • Matthew West Do something (song)
  • Mercy Me Bring the rain (song)
  • P.O.D. (payable on death)(nu metal) Snuff the punk (album)
  • Robbie Seay Band Song of Hope (song)
  • Sanctus Real Fight the tide (album)
  • Skillet Comatose (album)
  • Switchfoot Meant to live (song)
  • Third Day Revelation (song)
  • Tree63 Sunday (song)
  • Underoath (metal band) Act of Depression (album)

2000s Contemporary Christian

Even though Christian rock first gained its popularity in the 1980s, Contemporary Christian Rock is bigger and more popular than ever. It’s like there was an explosion that produced tons of bands. There are probably 3 times as many bands that came out than what I have listed here as I am again only listing the bands I listen to or have heard of.

  • 12 Stones 12 Stone (debut album)
  • Aaron Shust My Savior my God (song)
  • Abandon all ships (metal core band) Take one last breath (Heavy song)
  • Anberlin Blueprints for the black market (debut album)
  • As I lay dying (metal core band) An ocean between us (album)
  • August Burns Red (metal core band) Messengers (album)
  • Big Daddy Weave The ultimate collection (album)
  • Blessthefall (metal band) Awakening (album)
  • Brandon Heath Give me your eyes (song)
  • Devil wears Prada, the (metal core band) With roots above and branches below (album)
  • Fee All because of Jesus (song)
  • Fly Leaf All around me (song)
  • Fray, the How to save a life (album)
  • Glen Kaiser Band Live (album)
  • Jeremy Camp I will follow (you are with me) (song)
  • Kutless Kutless (album)
  • Masterdon (metal band) Leviathan (album)
  • Matt Maher Alive again (song)
  • Mychildren Mybride (metal core band) Unbreakable (debut album)
  • Norma Jean (metal core band) O God, the aftermath (album)
  • Rush of fools Undo (song)
  • Starfield Beauty in the broken (album)
  • Tenth Avenue North control (song)
  • Thousand Foot Krutch Exhale (album)
  • Toby Mac City on our knees (song)

Wrapping it up

As I have stated there are a lot of bands that I haven’t listened to that hasn’t made this list. If you have a band I should check out and / or add, comment below. Seems to me the more Christian Rock as evolved the heavier it has become or was it that no one dared to mix real hard metal before the mid 90s ?

Some of these songs and bands would make almost anyone questions if they are really a Christian band with the growling vocals, heavy and fast guitar riffs, then again just because someone is Christian, does not make them perfect.

What do you think, can Rock be Christian and can Christians Rock ?   Leave your comment below



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6 thoughts on “List of Christian Rock Bands …. Can the words Christian and Rock be used together ?

  1. michel duhamel

    Thanks for a great post! I’m a Christian as well, and I grew up in the metal age with bands such as Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera etc But I always felt a bit guilty due to the intense and sinful lyrics lol.

    It’s good to know that I can still be true to my faith while enjoying metal at its finest. I have booked marked your post for future reference. Cheers!

    1. Mike Lanning Post author

      Thank you for reading my post and thank you for the comment.
      Yeah the newer Christian Metal bands that I have listed in bold type under the 2000s section are even heavier than Iron Maiden, Slayer and Pantera.
      This new metalcore stuff is pretty heavy compared to the Christian metal bands in the 80s

  2. Natalie

    Great article. I was a Christian for a long time and even though I’m not any more I still listen to Christian bands whose music I like. Flyleaf are pretty much my favourite band in the whole world although not the same since Lacey left so I’m happy they made the list.

    Speaking of Lacey, she has since released her own music- you might want to check out some of her songs- ‘The Reason’ is especially good. You might also want to check out Superchick (lame name but really good music) ‘Stand In The Rain’ I highly recommend.

    Last but not least- definitely not a rock band but Tenth Avenue North are really good. I like their song ‘worn.’

    I really enjoyed the list of bands you have compiled here, some great music on the list! Great post!

    1. Mike Lanning Post author

      Thank you for the comment.. and thank you for the recommendations.. I will definitely check out lacey and superchick..
      I thought for sure I put tenth avenue north on the list
      So many bands/artists keep coming out that it’s hare to keep track of them all… I listen to the light and smile in my vehicle on way to jobs and trips and I know there are some good ones that I don’t know the artist, that hasn’t made the list since I don’t know who sings the songs.
      I wish they would display the artist and song as it is playing, like a lot of other stations do.

  3. Sherry S.

    This is so great! I am a Christian -newly saved in 2012. A brief peek into my musical past – I grew up on rock n’ roll, heavy metal and alternative music like alice in chains, alice cooper, metallica, nirvanna etc. A lot of my friends in high school were into slayer, slip knot, rob zombie, mudvayne, disturbed and what not. I also got into things like ICP. As you can see – rock of all kinds is a part of my past very much! When I became a Christian, it was hard for me to find christian music that I liked. Then I discovered Christian Rock and bands like casting crowns and crowder. But I had no idea some of these bands whom I already listen to (i.e. thousand foot crutch) are Christian! Not to mention, you have made me realize there are so many other bands outside of the christian radio station I’ve been listening too. I’m excited to check them out! I still listen to some mainstream music but I love when I find Christian music I like. Do you have any personal favorites to recommend out of the list to narrow down my starting point? 🙂

    1. Mike Lanning Post author

      I too came from a past of listening to mainly heavy metal, seen alice cooper in concert in 1985 and other heavy bands… I became saved in 2000 and quit listening to secular music for a while and do listen to it again now….

      I recommend News boys, My favorite from them that you should check out is ” in wonder ” it’s got more of a rock vibe to it.

      Liquid by Jars of Clay is a good rock type instrumental. You are already familiar with casting crowns which are in my top list of favorites as well.
      For something different and humorous, if you haven’t heard ” what if cartoons got saved ” by Chris Rice, check it out

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